John C. BurtonJohn C. Burton is a bar management consultant in northern California: assisting bar owners to set up and furnish new establishments; aiding fairgrounds and other organizations in reviewing and revamping existing drink service policies and procedures; providing curriculum development for vocational bartending schools across the United States; consulting for caterers and Sonoma County wineries, etc.

He operated his own beverage service catering business, Apéritifs, from 1967 to 1995, and was the manager of the beverage service concessions at the Sonoma County Racetrack for two years.

John is the author of Bartending Basics: Everything You Need to Know to be a Working Bartender, successor to Pour Man's Friend: A Guide and Reference for Bar Personnel, which reached its third printing. In 2005, he collaborated with Salvador Sahagún to translate an abridged edition of his bar guide into Spanish.

Burton began work as a professional bartender in 1959, becoming a beverage manager in 1962, first at Santa Rosa's Flamingo Hotel, and then for 26 years at the Los Robles Lodge. While at the Los Robles, he developed and taught a bar apprenticeship program -- this led to Santa Rosa Bartending School, which offers entry-level training courses for bartenders. In response to requests, and reflecting the respect his teaching has earned, Burton now offers bar management seminars. The school is currently the only vocational institution in California offering training for bar personnel north of San Francisco.

Burton has also developed a publishing company for bar management publications. As well as promoting his new book Bartending Basics: Everything You Need to Know to be a Working Bartender, John has written the monthly column "The Pour Man's Friend" for the Northern California Edition of Beverage Industry News Merchandiser, in which various aspects of beverage service are discussed, with a focus on professionalism and profit. All aspects of his business are now consolidated under the name of Apéritifs Bar Management Services.

John Burton's Bartending Basics

John C. Burton's new Bartending Basics

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In March of 1989, Burton became the Special Events Coordinator for Chateau DeBaun Winery in Fulton California, which hosted large corporate parties, major fund raisers, wedding, and other celebrations. Through his Bar Service Catering, Burton has provided planning assistance to numerous non-profit organizations to provide profitable beverage service at their community fund raising events. His services as a trainer for responsible hospitality service are often volunteered to many community organizations.

Today, John Burton is a member of the United States Bartenders Guild and serves the organization on the Board of Directors. He has also been instrumental in starting the San Francisco Area chapter of the Guild.

In addition to his business interests, Burton is a member of the Northwestern Antique Bottle Collectors Club, and is an active supporter of local historical organizations and activities. Following years of diligent study and collection, John C. Burton is an acknowledged authority on Santa Rosa's Grace Brothers Brewery (1897-1966).